Epic vs Apple. It has been the talk of the town for quite a while. Epic’s top brass made the decision to move away from Apple’s App Store policies to fight what they felt was the right cause.

No wonder, numerous groups of people have jumped into the fray. Apple is just that kind of company. Loyalists took up arms to defend Apple. Detesters went on the offensive. Experts had a great payday talking about the legality, ethics and even the now common anti-competitive narrative.

Even other companies, rivals and feudists sought to grab this opportunity to bust open the…


Just yesterday, Apple announced its luxury headphones, the AirPods Max. And Twitter went into a frenzy about its cost. Rightly so; given that most best-bang-for-your-buck smartphones (including the current price of iPhone 11 at $599) have a price range of $600 to $700. Which makes its price of $549, an excruciatingly hard pill to swallow.

Then people defaulted to their same base rationale which is used to explain all of Apple’s pricing strategies:
→ Apple is a premium and luxury brand.
→ Apple is greedy and doesn’t know what it is doing. …

Apple’s latest foray into processors, SIPs (system-in-package) and SOCs (system-on-a-chip) have been nothing short of an astounding success. The clear advantages offered by M1 in performance and battery life have overshadowed concerns about stagnant design, third party repair, user upgradability and consumer freedom.

Bringing it to iPad clearly showcases Apple’s intention of slowly phasing out the Mac and making the iPad the goto device for consumers. The past few years, Apple has taken many steps to liberate the unnecessary constraints it had initially placed on the iPad platform. …

How can a show be so good through its journey, but end in a fashion that brings about disappointment?

At this point, it is a given that your favourite TV show’s ending will never be up to a fan’s standards. Sure, some will come as close to the perfect finish as possible, while others will bungle the job beyond recognition. This is ridiculous and completely unacceptable. How can a show be so good through its journey, but end in a fashion that brings about disappointment?

Recall all the TV shows you love and wish to rewatch but just skip the…

Source: Macworld

Past few months have been among Apple’s most turbulent times in its half a century history. With each passing day, news on Apple oscillates from one extreme to another — exciting and crushing at the same time. At one side it seems to be crushing any fair competition or so Epic claims while on the other side, it seemingly drives competition through its videography, privacy and security model. Frankly, the free publicity both, good and bad that Apple received this year has kept them afloat even through a disastrous pandemic. …

The rise of Google is nothing short of phenomenal and extraordinary. Since its establishment in 1998, the heights Google has reached is dwarfed by only a small group of companies that includes other Silicon Valley Giants like Microsoft, Apple and Amazon, and the energy company Saudi Aramco. While the grinning investors are incredibly delighted to have bountiful returns, the rise of Big Tech has destabilised technology as a whole.

Today, the feared noose of regulation is tightening around Big Tech with allegations that range from anti-competitive practices to outright monopolistic behaviour. Yet, there was a time not so long ago…

Ecosystems: They rule our lives in this age.

Credit: Graphique

Ecosystems: What are they? How do they work?

In 2020, our lives depend not only on social integration with society, but also on electronic integration with smart computing devices. To put it simply, technology and lifestyle are inseparable, and “Digital Ecosystems” decide our future acquisitions in the tech world.

This year has been an unmitigated disaster that has affected almost every industry, with exception to internet and entertainment services. With COVID-19 ravaging economies and leading to the cancellation of events, sporting leagues, tournaments, and even the bigger once-in-four-year affairs like Olympics, it has crushed everyone’s dreams and wrought havoc globally. To combat the deceivingly dangerous pandemic, stay-at-home orders…

Hate them or love them, it is hard not to acknowledge their presence in influencing our lives.

Smartphone Age | Source:

Smartphones are our primary means of interaction and communication with the rest of the world. And the platforms that power these innovative objects are just as important. It is clear that without the OS, a piece of computing hardware is nothing but a weirdly shaped piece of semiconductor technology.

As the biggest competitors in mobile platforms, Android and iOS have created a new chapter in the fiercest rivalries of the world. It joins the ranks of Microsoft’s Windows and Apple’s macOS, Ferrari and Lamborghini, Louis Vuitton and Gucci among so many such others.

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